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News from Fulda Area Credit Union


On April 7, 2014 an OpenSSL vulnerability was detected on a large number of websites. OpenSSL is used to provide security for information on the internet for roughly 2/3 of web servers. Websites with these vulnerabilities are susceptible to the “Heartbleed” bug. The “Heartbleed” bug may allow hackers to steal passwords and sensitive information, impersonate services, and eavesdrop on communications.

Once news broke of this virus our vendors jumped into action to ensure our site is not vulnerable. On April 8, 2014 our internet banking installed patches to eliminate vulnerabilities that the “Heartbleed” virus would exploit. We have been assured by our vendors that any vulnerability has been resolved.

Despite the assurance it is our recommendation that, at this time, our internet banking users change their passwords to their Fulda Area Credit Union home banking accounts. To accomplish this simply login, click on the Options tab, and select Security Settings from the drop-down list. Then click the button to change your password. You may also want to change your passwords on other sites that use OpenSSL security once you receive notification that they have made the appropriate updates.

One further step you can do to assure your information’s safety is to clear your cookies. Cookies are like a bookmark for the internet. This can be accomplished in most Windows systems by going to the Control Panel, clicking on Network and Sharing Center, then Internet Options. A window will pop up with Internet Properties, and an option to delete cookies will be in the middle of the window. Clicking the Delete button will take you to a new window where you can click a checkmark box for cookies and then click Delete on the bottom.

Please note that although a website does use the OpenSSL program that it does not mean that the site is vulnerable. Patches are being made to ensure there is no vulnerability. Please be assured that although you are being asked to change your password, this does not mean your information was compromised. The request to change your password is a preventative measure.

We appreciate your time and consideration regarding this matter. If you have any questions, please contact your local branch:

Fulda : 507-425-2544
Worthington: 507-372-5959
Windom: 507-831-3700

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive any emails or calls from anyone stating they are verifying your information for your financial institution due to the Heartbleed bug or that they can help you verify if the site is vulnerable, do not provide any information or click on any links. Any attempts to have you click on a link or asking you for your personal information regarding this issue will not have originated from the Fulda Area Credit Union.

Credit Union Youth Week - Coloring Contest

Credit Union Youth Week is April 20 - April 26. To celebrate, Fulda Area Credit Union is holding a coloring contest for youth ages 5 - 12 with a chance to win $15.00*. Click here to obtain the coloring contest form and official rules.

*No purchase, deposit, or account required. Official Rules are available at any Fulda Area Credit Union branch or by clicking here. Void where prohibited and subject to all laws. Winners chosen on April 28, 2014. Winner is not required to be present to win. Must be ages 5 - 12 to enter. All prize winners and their parent/guardian must complete a publicity release form to receive any prize. Other rules may apply. Please see Official Rules for details.

Mobile App

Our mobile app is here! You can download the Fulda Area Credit Union mobile app to your Droid phone or iPhone. To download for Droid, please go to Google Play on your phone. To download for the iPhone, go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for Fulda CU Mobile App. Please note: you need to be enrolled in home banking in order to retrieve account information on the mobile app.

Phone Banking

Our phone banking has changed to a toll-free number. For phone banking, please call 855-368-6527.

Credit Union Member Discounts from Sprint

Member Cellular Discounts with Sprint
Fulda: Fair 76°
Worthington: Fair 77°
Windom: Fair 77°
last edited on 03/10/14