Everyone knows a vehicle depreciates in value the moment you leave the car lot. Now you can protect your vehicle investment with Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP). GAP is a non-insurance product and is made available via a loan/lease deficiency waiver that covers the "gap" between the vehicle's value and the amount you still owe. Essentially, GAP protects you and your entire investment from substantial loss.

GAP offers an additional measure of family security and peace-of-mind by reducing the financial burden that may be incurred if your vehicle is stolen or totaled. Additionally, GAP prevents the deficiency loan balance from being added to a new loan in the event of a total loss, and serves to protect your credit rating. GAP can be purchased at a low, one-time cost.

*The maximum that GAP will pay is $50,000.00
*The maximum loan term GAP will cover is 84 months
*GAP purchase is available on new loans only

The purchase of GAP Advantage is voluntary and has no bearing on your credit application or the terms and conditions of your loan. GAP may be considered an insurance product in some states. GAP is not insured by the NCUA. Eligiblity requirements apply. Certain exclusions may apply. Please click here for additional information.

last edited on 05/03/13