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Is saving money a challenge? If you are struggling to save, consider the WINcentive Savings account. You can improve your money habits in a whole new way that actually makes saving FUN. You’ll feel rewarded by watching your savings grow, and experience the excitement of the prize drawings! And unlike playing the lottery, you don't lose anything with WINcentive Savings. All of the money you deposit into the account is yours.

WINcentive™ Savings is a savings account that offers you the chance to win cash prizes from a state-wide drawing. WINcentive Savings offers prize drawing entries in return for each time you increase your month-over-month savings balance by $25 (up to 4 entries per month) *. Prize drawings occur monthly, quarterly and annually – so the more you save, the more chances you have to win! You could even end up winning the grand prize of $5,000 !

Watch the introduction video for WINcentive Savings to learn more or visit the WINcentive website !

In addition to the state-wide drawings, there will be a prize drawing within Fulda Area Credit Union! There will be a quarterly drawing for $25, and an annual drawing for $100!

*See member representative for complete terms, conditions, and official rules.

January 2016 Winners: ($100 Winners)

David H., Hermie G., John L., Keith R., Laura H., and Margaret J.

February 2016 Winners: ($100 Winners)

Amanda V., Benito T., Hermie G., and Margaret A.

March 2016 Winners:

Olga M. ($25 Fulda Area Credit Union-Wide Drawing)

Margaret V. ($100)

April 2016 Winners: ($100 Winners)

Alvin T., David H., Jayden L., and Thomas B.

May 2016 Winner: ($100 Winner)

Judith J.

June 2016 Winners:

Madison L. ($25 Fulda Area Credit Union-Wide Drawing)

Hermie G., Elizabeth M., and Walon H. ($100)

July 2016 Winners: ($100 Winners)

Madison L., and Keri L.

August 2016 Winners: ($100 Winners)

Arnold K., and Elizabeth J.

September 2016 Winners:

Laurie W. ($25 Fulda Area Credit Union-Wide Drawing)

Kristi L., and Olga M. ($100)

October 2016 Winners:

No Winners at Fulda Area Credit Union

November 2016 Winners: ($100 Winners)

Patricia K., and Keri L.

December 2016 Winners:

Carolyn G. ($25 Fulda Area Credit Union-Wide Drawing)

Margaret J. ($100 Fulda Area Credit Union-Wide Drawing)

Ralph D. ($100)

January 2017 Winners: ($100 Winners)

David H. and Derek S.

February 2017 Winners: ($100 Winners)

Patricia K., Kent B., Larry L. and Amanda V.

March 2017 Winners:

Darlene O. ($25 Fulda Area Credit Union-Wide Drawing)

Denise S. and Carolina M. ($100)

April 2017 Winners:

Mary Ann S. ($100)

May 2017 Winners:

No Winners at Fulda Area Credit Union

June 2017 Winners:

Derek S. ($25 Fulda Area Credit Union-Wide Drawing)

Alva G. ($100)

Jesse L. ($1,000) <------------$1,000 Quarterly WINNER!

July 2017 Winners: ($100 Winners)

Timothy R., Margaret V.

August 2017 Winners: ($100 Winners)

Landon M., Zendaya G.

September 2017 Winner:

Ron J. ($25 Fulda Area Credit Union-Wide Drawing)

October 2017 Winners: ($100 Winners)

Dustin P., John L.

November 2017 Winner:

Virgil H. ($100)

54 WINNERS so far, have won a TOTAL of $5,775!

*Next Drawing will take place on or about January 10 for all December Entries.*

Open a WINcentive® Savings account today!

last edited on 12/11/17